Live Operator Online Platform (LOOP) is a mobile chat messaging platform created by New Media Services to handle SMS/MMS, WAP and IM – highly customizable with numerous features and connectivity options.


Live chat handling for SMS, WAP and IM.
Managed third party APIs
2-way SMSC and MMSC Connectivity Engine
Easy and Efficient connectivity from gateways through Keywords
Persistent Messaging Core
Extensive Message history page for easy monitoring and reporting
Message Tracking Database
Reporting and Operational Support Systems integration
Customizable reporting scheme to fit specific needs
Delay feature for subscription based users




Basic chat though SMS – just straight, easy and simple chatting that is completely user-friendly and set to compliment the simplest mobile phone capability – Text Messaging.

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A question and answer service for mobile phones that uses the basic SMS (Short Message Service) to answer queries sent by end-users. Live Operators research, compile and transmit replies in a quick and concise manner.

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The chat engine specifically created for WAP-enabled phones. Your End-users can share ideas or talk about anything via the WAP Chat room 24/7 using a monthly subscription model.

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