The Business of Answers

Ever have a question left unanswered that occupies your mind almost every minute? One that bugs you either because you know the answer but can’t remember or just plain frustrated at not knowing? The world is full of questions that require answers.
There is a significantly large market to be taken notice of under the business of “answers”… This is a market that is almost untapped. From minor queries of trivia, random questions and even sound decisions, the business of answers can cater to them.

NMS – SMS InfoPoint

New Media Services has the tools to help you become part of the Business of Answers; with SMS Infopoint.

SMS Infopoint uses the basic Short Message Service (SMS) to answer to end-user queries and provide answer verification in real-time. Live operators are specially trained to provide quick and logical answers to user questions.

SMS Infopoint delivers:
1. Well researched answers
2. Intelligent suggestions
3. Up-to-date replies
4. Fast and efficient service
5. Accessibility – anytime and anywhere via SMS

SMS Infopoint’s Potential:
1. It Re-branded to fit the client’s needs and specifications
2. Our operators can be quickly trained for topic-specific answering services
3. Can handle general questions as well as random personal questions
4. High marketability through minimal effort
5. Easy set-up with local SMS numbers

For virtually any question, SMS Infopoint is the answer.

Get SMS InfoPoint

Let New Media Services and SMS Infopoint be your partner in the Business of Answers. See an increase in profit and an increase in patronage with this value-added service.

SMS Infopoint – Any Question, Answered Anytime

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