SMS and Chatting

Text messaging is one of the most common means of communication in the mobile world. It is short, quick and relatively cheap. These mobile interactions via text messaging have been maximized with the concept of chatting.

SMS Chat which involves a send and reply based on an extended conversation is a way of communicating without the need for face-to-face interactions. It addresses the need to be social and at the same time makes it convenient enough not to interrupt with daily activities.

NMS – SMS Xchange

New Media Services offers SMS Xchange; a Short Message Service feature that combines the global accessibility of SMS, the simplicity of text messaging and the fun of chatting.

Stay connected and entertained via SMS wherever your customers are. Satisfy end-userssocial communication needs and let them chat with our live operators 24/7. Our friendly, sociable and courteous chat operators make sure your customers have are well-entertained.

SMS Exchange takes advantage of the global availability of SMS to deliver a one of a kind chat experience that is fun and addictive. With SMS Infopoint’s easy set-up and low resource demands, company profit and customer satisfaction become the results of a winning formula.

Get SMS Xchange

Avail of SMS Xchange for your business and get:
1. Increased user activity
2. Increased profit
3. Maximum advantage of simple SMS
4. Customizable, characteristic and specific interaction methods based on you specifications

SMS Infopoint works and enhances on pre-existing facilities and features making it a business advantage as well as a prompt, end-user-oriented service. Avail of our SMS Xchange and we guarantee you entertaining end-user-oriented service.

SMS Infopoint – Simplicity and Accessibility Combined

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