Dealing with customer service is the bane of my existence. If I could pay someone to do it for me I probably would.

There are only so many ways to contact a company, and each one has severe drawbacks. When you try a telephone call, you risk spending valuable time navigating phone trees and waiting on hold, only to try explaining the problem to someone who may not understand your issue, may not know the finer points of English, or just may not be able to help. When you try email, you may have to wait days to receive a form letter that doesn’t even address your problem. Using the fax machine or sending a letter only increases the odds of an unsatisfactory or untimely response.

The latest innovation in customer service is the online chat session. Unlike previous “advances” in customer service technology like phone trees, voice recognition systems, and international call centers, online chat sessions have enormous potential to truly improve the quality of the service you receive. Consider these seven ways to use chats to your advantage.

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